Modularity, Flexibility, and Scalability: How Enclosures Are Changing Industrial Automation

Date/Time:  September 21, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Speaker:     Beth Leonard, System Consultant, Rittal North America, LLC

Moderator: Mike Bacidore, Editor-in-Chief, Control Design

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Rittal-Webinar_ModularEnclosure2While there is a time and place for a unibody enclosure, today’s rapidly evolving industrial automation systems often require the additional flexibility that a modular enclosure system affords.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
● How to leverage bayable enclosures and a range of available mounting options to maximize your space
● How going modular can save you time and money in areas you wouldn’t expect
● Why frame style is so important
● The truth behind common misconceptions about modular enclosures

Plus, Beth Leonard, System Consultant at Rittal, will share unique applications she’s worked on to help solve real-world customer challenges.

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Meet the Presenter

Beth LeonardBeth Leonard
System Consultant
 North America, LLC

Beth Leonard, System Consultant at Rittal, has been with Rittal North America for seven years. Her career path has included varied roles across sales, application engineering, tech support, and product management. What she loves about her role at Rittal is the daily interaction with end users and the opportunity to bring a solution-minded approach to complex industrial challenges. Beth has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and Management from Clarkson University, which specializes in STEM.


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