Build more energy efficient machines with technology that will reduce power consumption. Depending on your application, ac motors can consume a significant amount of energy. This webinar will look at the technology that can make your machines more attractive to factories because of the energy savings they provide.


JoeA.pngJoe Anderson, CMRP, CRL, CARO, MLT1, MLA1, LSSGB, IAM-55K
Reliability Manager

Schwan's Food Plant, Salina, KS

Joe has over 20 years experience in maintenance and management excellence in various industries and plants throughout the United States. He has published and lectured throughout the United States in these areas. He is a CMRP, CRL, CARO, MLT1, MLA1, LSSGB, IAM-55k, and was recognized as one of the top 50 leaders in the country by the United States Congress, being awarded the National Leadership Award.

Joe is currently the Reliability Manager at the Schwan’s Food Plant in Salina, KS. In his previous role as Reliability Manager at Smucker’s, he took the plant form 12% downtime to 1.5%, grew their OEE 13.5%, and realized cost savings of over $1,500,000. He can be contacted at with any questions or comments.

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