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The notion of a Smart Factory today is based on utilizing modern IIoT concepts. These include technologies and best practices that allow for seamless machine interoperability, easy data sharing between machines, MES, ERP, and SCADA systems. The Smart Factory must also include capabilities that allow for modern operator safety concepts, data security, integrity and trustworthiness.

While it is not practical for existing brown fields to immediately modernize and adopt all these technologies and best practices, it is however possible for factories to cherry pick individual technologies and practices as a path to gradually modernize over time. This talk will provide an overview of some of these technologies and will also discuss the new industry standards that make such a migration possible.

Participate in this webinar if you are looking for answers to any of these questions?
  1. What is the new Industrial Internet Security Framework? 
  2. How can manufacturers get started without making a greenfield investment? 
  3. What is a Smart Factory? 
  4. What can machine builders do to make their equipment ‘IIoT ready?’ 
  5. What is the Industrial Internet Consortium? 
  6. Where can you turn to learn more?


    Sari Germanos
    Business Development Manager
    IIC, Safety Task Group Chair
    B&R Industrial Automation

    Sari Germanos is part of the business development team and technology marketing teams at B&R Industrial Automation Team He is responsible for open source technologies and open standards for machine interoperability. He also has significant experience in applying simulation technologies to improve the efficiency of developing large-scale distributed systems. Sari is chairing the workgroup developing the OPC UA Companion Specification for PackML. He also chairs the Safety Task Group within the Industrial Internet Consortium. Sari received his MS in Computer Science from Boston College.

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